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*Multiple Huge Yard Sale (over 35 shops) : Monday, September 02nd, 2013 from 9:30a.m. to 12:30pm  We open for the yard sale today, and will open around 10am!
5410 Baillie St. Vancouver (between Cambie & Oak and around 37th Ave.)
Babies & Children Clothing and Shoes/Toys/Electronics/Sporting/Bags/Jewelry/Household Items etc.

Class Info

  • Prenatal Class (Prenatal Yoga, Prenatal Dance)
  • Postpartum Class (Baby and Child's Massage and Exercise and Mother's gentle exercise)

>> Fees/What to bring

Current Schedule >>Updated Class Schedule


Prenatal Yoga, Ball exercise and Childbirth Preparation Class This class may change to Saturday (Please check at the latest schedule )



Prenatal Dance+Child care Preparation Class    




11:30am Baby Massage、Exercise and Mother's Yoga  

Prenatal Yoga, Ball exercise and Childbirth Preparation Class This class may change to Thursday (Please check at the latest schedule )




・Prenatal Class Tickets for 8 classes $100  Drop in$15
・Baby Massage, Exercise and Mother's Gentle Yoga 10 classes for $80 (Good for 3years), Drop in $10

<< Refer a Friend Promotion >>
You will receive one free class if you purchase a strip tickets and refer a friend who also purchase a strip tickets. Your friend also receive a free class benefit at the same time.

What to bring and wear

(Adult Class)
Yoga mat、towel、water bottle. If you don't have a yoga mat, please use a studio's. However, you may need to bring the bath towel to cover the mat.
If you come here by your own car and have a exercise ball, please bring it.
For the prenatal class, bring a Baby's Best Chance and pen or pencile.
You need to wear confortable clothes.

(Baby Massage Class)
Yoga mat、bath towl, natural oil such as grape seed oil, olive oil or coconut oil、

You may also purchase your yoga mat and a exercise ball with whole sale price.

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